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About Us

We are  a collaboration of Vector-Me  & Stilllife in Kuwait

@vectorme    &    @Stilllifekw


Vector Me  was born in August, 2013, its the first project of its kind in Kuwait to design portraits and phrases with creativity and modern technology using specific computer software. Contemporary art pieces that match modern interior design that can be also presented as personal gifts as well.

•We believe in the power of relationships in Kuwait society, and family bonding. For every occasion there is a gift that expresses feelings of love, generosity and appreciation.

•A lot of care has been taken to add more detailed texture, charm and style to VS furniture designs in an artistic style, without losing its original sophistication.

•In VS Gallery we make sure that it will be the place where your home will be provided with contemporary, special and distinctive pieces.

•The pieces we create all design & implemented in Kuwait under highest standard to meet the client interest

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